Curriculum Vitae

Wim Jonkman ( 1947, Winterswijk, the Netherlands ) followed his
study in Fine Arts at the”Rietveld-Academy” in Amsterdam (1966-“72)
In the summer of 1972, he was invited at the ”Rijks-Academy” to
participate in a contest at “the Prix de Rome,1972” (Fine Arts in
Graphic), where won the Silver medal.

After this he decided to go to Paris (Fr), to specialise himself in
color lithography. At first he went to the “Ecole desBeaux Arts”,
where he worked during 2 years as “étudiant libre”.(1974,1975)
Living with his wife in the “Cité internationale des Arts“, he was asked
by Madame F. Brunau, the directrice of this art-foundation, to mount
a lithography-workshop. From 1976 till spring 1979, he managed this
workshop, where he helped quite a lot of artists, from all over the
world. At the same time he was able to do research for himself in the
field of color-lithography. After this, as he says, marvelous expe-
rience in France, he was asked to mount a lithography-workshop at
“Minerva”,the Academy of Fine Arts in Groningen, high up north in the
Netherlands. Which he did,and where he held a parttime job as
professor in lithography up till 2010.

As he and his wife returned to Holland (1979), they decided to mount
there own litho-workshop, called “Obelisk”, at the northern dutch
coast. It s there that he specialised himself in kingsize color-
lithography, working on limestones up to 100×140 cm.
A lot of international artists came to this workshop eversince ,to be
guided by him.
Technically Jonkman seemes unstrained as lithographer.
He is capable to combine subtle crayon-techniques, expressif
painterly structures and computer-manipulated elements on the
surface of the limestone. With tender care he prints all this on
beautiful handmade papers.

This experience, which he acquired in France, helped him a lot
in achieving his artistic goals.
Jonkman merges issues concerning lithography with narrative stra-
tegies. He has a visual power of imagination, in which he combines
the obvious with the shadowy, the recognisable with the incompre-
hensible. An exiting interplay between fiction and experience
therefore dominates his staunch and steady lithographs.

1988-1990: Financed by the Dutch government Wim Jonkman realises a book on lithography illustrated with original lithographs Vlakdrukvarianten

Exhibitions (solo and group)

2005-2007: In Paris (France), Munich (Germany), Tidaholm (Sweden), Wildeshäusen (Germany), Overveen, Appingedam (Netherlands), and Lifford (Ireland).


  1. Participation at the international lithography symposium 2002 and 2006 in Tidaholm, (Sweden).
  2. Participation at Die Erste Lithographie-tage 2005 in Künstlerhaus, Munich.
  3. Calendar project (2008) together with Taborpresse in Berlin.